What it was like, What happened, and What it’s like now

The Backstory

Imagine this. You’re 20 years old, you’re working on a project that you’re spending 18 hours a day, you’re young, you’re full of energy, full of vigor, and you’re working nonstop 18 hours a day. Hard-charging, being super productive, and three years of doing that, you find yourself with a chronic illness, and it nearly kills you. All the while, you’re building up debt and not getting things done. This chronic illness takes you from working 18 hours a day to barely struggling to get an hour of work on any given day. What do you do? I think most people would probably give up.

Back in the day

I began helping people with their personal productivity and launched a product called “Overhwhelmology 101 attached here http://less.do/iqwyHI

How it Works

There’s one question I get asked by entrepreneurs all the time:

9 Stages of Growth

We’re going to be using Alex Charfen’s data for different stages of entrepreneurial growth.

Growing Your Side Hustle to a Business

This is the first stage of the entrepreneurial journey. Usually, before we reach the $100,000 mark, we’re still at the part-time mark and our businesses are side hustles we’re looking to grow.

Promoting Your Ideas

When you’re at the $100,000 mark, that’s when you should start asking people if they’d like what you have to offer.

Next Stop: Leveraged Sales

The next stop is definitely sales.

Creating Systems & Processes

Once you’re en route from $300,000 to $1 million, you can no longer say that you’ve got limited funds.

What It’s Like Now

Every week our small but mighty team gathers for a huddle call to check in about our monthly, weekly and daily goals and tasks.

  1. Transfer my profit sharing from the business account to my personal account.

I have become replaceable.

Can I get a “Hell Yeah”?

The less I do, the better the company is performing.

Let me say that again so it really sinks in for you because I know this is sometimes a hard concept to grasp…

Life Lessons Along The Way

Work-Life Balance is something that comes up all the time and I’ve said many times before that I do not believe in work-life balance.

Tech Helps

Here’s a link to our tech stack https://gumroad.com/l/ldfree/ldfree

So Does Inspiration

Best Advice I Got.

Lean into doubt.

Where can you go to learn more?

Website: https://lessdoing.com/

Founder — Less Doing /The Replaceable Founder/ Overwhelmologist/Serial Entrepreneur / Ironman / Author / Inventor

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